Using Ed Tech to Connect

What Not To Do About five years ago, I discover Google Classroom and some generous colleagues offered to help set it up in my school. That same year, my principal sprung for half a class-set of Chromebooks. The stage was set for a technology storm and that is exactly what happened. Before I knew it […]

Decoding Gaps Bite Back in High School

I was sitting in a sight word workshop a few days ago listening to the presenter talk about strategically building automaticity with sight words through memory cues and repeated exposure to high frequency words. It was a great workshop that highlighted sight words as an important part of any literacy program. However, it also reminded […]

The ELL Decoding Tool Box

In last week’s post, I shared a story about a student at my school who had been in ELL classes for several years but couldn’t read because she was never taught to decode. Her story sparked a great conversation on Twitter from many teachers who had experienced similar decoding gaps in their students. Many teachers […]

Supporting ELL Students

Some of you know that I’ve started a new role as an ELL/LST teacher this year.  One challenging part of that role is helping ELL students, many of whom are new comers to Canada and have just been introduced to English.  In my context, these ELL students are ushered into mainstream, academic courses within months […]